Hardwood Flooring Installation Guide

Hardwood Flooring Installation Guide Installing hardwood flooring is very easy, you can use a simple and familiar tool like saws, hammers, and drills to install hardwood flooring on your own. Before installing hardwood, make sure you have adjusted it the room climate, one way to do this is by keeping your hardwood in the location at least two to five days prior to installation at temperatures around 65 to 75 F. the underlay must be solid and clean from dirt, nail head or any other obstruction. Remove any existing floor trim; use the d pry bar and the hammers to easily remove it so you can re-use it again later.

Layout :

The hardwood planks must run upright toward the joint inside the room; use the nail patter in the underlayment to help you determine the right direction. Once you are sure and have determined the direction to start your floorboard, measure the room’s width and find out how many pieces of wide plank you need ( leave around ¼ inch of a gap by the each of wall for some expansion to happen) take this ¼ inch into your measurement.

First courses:

Lay down the first course alongside the walls with the tongue side facing outside into the room and another side, the cut side around ¼ inches from the wall. Screw it in to secure the plank, lay the next piece by hitting the groove and tongue together and using your hand, shot the nails to the side of the board at the downward angle. Keep doing this until you have laid around five or six and it’s enough to provide your floor stapler.


As soon as you have pneumatic floor stapler, this tasks will progress a lot faster. Every new process, setting up the stapler and ensure that the nose going down over the tongue of board edge and additionally shot the firing out the pad with the mallet. The trigger will steer these boards together while reducing the staple. Continue across the area, cutting the tip parts just as recommended with the miter saw and staggering the finishes of the boards from one row to another’s. Apply or install the final some instruction by hand just as you have done at the first guide basically because you will be very close next to the walls to change the mallets. The flooring should be ready for sanding and polished whether or not it simply not prefinished. Reinstall a floor fit to guard the 1/4-inch gap on the wall.